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Monday, October 3, 2011

1st Blog Community service

We started our project since spring 2011. Our main goal was to work with kids from Pipkin middle school in Springfield, Mo throughout their school year. We wanted to make them stay in school, and continue with their high school studies and also their college studies. Our groups started as a group of 4 where each one of us had a specific role. One of us didn't come back so the project had to be developed by 3 of us with one more role that had to be split. We still had all of the same format and we didn't change anything from the project. In our plans to help the middle school students it was to create groups of 5 kids for each one of us, so that we can work with 15 kids, boys and girls. This will leave us the opportunity to have small groups and know them better. We are supposed to work with the kids that have the most problems in school and that have family issues too. So we worked together with the assistant principle of Pipkin Middle school so that she would make our schedule and when we will meet with the kids. We started our project since the first thursday of the Fall semester 2011 and we have been going every thursday except 2 because of some coordination issues. Our goal is to reach more than the 15 hours that have been suggested to be completed. We want to create an atmosphere of trust and friendship with the kids so that we can be the kids role model and that we can give them advices. We want them to experience how Drury and college live is so that they will have a feeling of what is it. We want them to feel comfortable with us and that they will try to follow our teachings so that they can develop better as human beings. We have been going to Pipkin to eat with them, try to know more about them, to talk to the principle, and to see how this is going to work. We will start working with the group of kids this coming thursday and we will have our own group to work with them. We want to take them as a first thing to the movies and spend the day with them when we have more trust with them. We want to play games, help them study and know them more in order to take them to the outer world. We want to see what their real issues are and what are we able to dot o help them. I am excited and looking forward to work with them and I know it will be an amazing experience.

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